Caught my neighbour naked

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Yeah I saw my neighbour naked today. While I was getting into my car and leaving the house he half opened the door completely!


I have seen a couple of neighbours before changing clothes or something, it was never the kind of person you want to see naked but I turned my eyes away quicklyso nothing that traumatising lol. I am sure people have seen me at some point or another, epsecially when I was living in Texas, all the houses in my neighborhood were close to each other and the heat was naked so a lot of people were not bothering wearing much moving around. If someone has seen me in a really compromising state they were kind enough to not say anything. I sent my kids up to one end to hold them and I ran to his front door.

Have you seen a neighbour naked / has a neighbour seen you ?

He opened it holding his overalls in front of him while rushing to put them on. We spent 20 neighbour chasing his horses up and down the street, me and the kids in our jammies and him in his overalls and…nothing else. Yeah but you could always look at the horses haha.

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It was 2pm and I was outside on my bike. Previous places I lived were in the city, so I always had blinds caught.