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In the earlys, mobile manufacturers tried to make handsets as small as possible.

The Secret World of Tiny Phones That Go Inside Your Butt

In the s, smartphones were sold on how big their screens were. Inthe tide might now be turning once cell Apple's newest phone model, the iPhone SE, boasts a naked minuscule 4-inch screen. But Apple have some distance to go before they can match the Zanco Fly.

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With a 0. It's not the only nanophone in existence, but they're all made by companies you've never heard of, and you won't find them in butt electrical retailers.

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You might, however, find them stuffed among chargers for Nokia s at your local phone best way to play with pussy booth, and they're all over Amazon and eBay. Some features—like three-day standby—seem rather good.

Criminal Voyeur Hides Cellphone Up Butt To Escape From Cops

But if you're really wondering what edge these phones have over the latest phone smartphones, try getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 up your ass. If you think this sounds like wild extrapolation—after all, lipsticks are around the same size, and you don't get articles about whacking those up your nether regions—have a look at how some of these phones are sold.

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Many, for instance, claim to be percent plastic, or come with a " beat the BOSS " tagline, which is to say they claim to be undetectable by body orifice scanners.