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Non-super-powered sidekick no more!

Xander explains why he's in charge in the Buffy season 10 comics

When Dark Pron sex on the road releases Buffy the Vampire: The actor has joined the comic's writing team, and we interviewed him to discuss the return of Dracula, Giles' new affinity for boobs, and whether Buffy needs to be boobs again.

How did you get involved buffys the Buffy comics and with Dark Horse?

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They had always just wanted to work with me because of what an amazing writer I was. We were all kind of sitting in a circle, and we were there for hours.

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And then we had this idea for the main plotline through this season. And we were just new of talking and all these ideas were floating in-between the circle, and they all amalgamated into this pretty amazing story. Watching it come into existence was amazing.

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I had to stop and be like "Did you guys realize what just happened? We just changed everything.