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Sign up or log in to share. Idk - I'd figure it would have to do with how large the girl is in general; Not so much petite and weight - but how they both make small ginger teens naker her size in general.

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I'd say it just varies. The size is not relative to the heifght, leg size, or butt size. No correlation. I've had 2 girls who had full butts, etc, average or above average sized girls, and they were almost miniture down there.

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Very very small. I've dated a few girls who are like 5' very petite and nothing memorable which means average. I actually want to know.

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I'm sure there is a biological explanation. If you have bigger ass and bigger thighs then you're not the size of girl 2 idiot. I'm structured like girl 1 I ust got a little meat on my ass and thighs instead of being a stick. Sexual Health.