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Being in Barcelona, you are encompassed by the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches.

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During the hot summer months, these beaches are a main tourist attraction, it is important to know what you may be getting yourself into… nude beaches. All Barcelona beaches share a special atmosphere that you will never experience elsewhere.

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With that being said there are two nudist beaches in Barcelona! Mar Bella beach is located on the northern end of Barceloneta.

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There is a large sand dune here that separates it from the rest of the beach. This area is home to the local and international gay scene. This beach is a huge attraction and has an area for naturists and attracts a crowd from all walks of life. Mar Bella Beach welcomes everyone!

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Mar Bella offers many services including the nudism-dedicated area, and is also a favorite to the LGBT public. Further more, the beach offers a sports pavilion, Wi-Fi, public restrooms and accessible shower, kiosks, restaurants and more!

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Since this urban beach has a variety of high quality essex girls naked amateur and services, it draws a very diverse and electric crowd.

Bogatel L4 Yellow Line. This beach is located on the southern end of Barceloneta.