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In a nondescript community hall in western Sydney, a handful of young women are being taught to walk and talk all over again. Guided by a crack team of experts, these beauty pageant hopefuls are put through their paces in an intensive boot camp aimed at getting them "stage ready".

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Others have their personal appearance debated by mentors like pageant stylist Zooka Alameddine, for whom dropping truth bombs is as effortless as breathing. Ahead of the show, Alameddine answered a few questions about her pageant and why the Miss Lebanon Australia pageant is such a huge, controversial event.

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Why are beauty pageants such a "big deal" according to former Miss Big busty tits mommy Australia Cynthia Farah to the Lebanese community? Zooka Alameddine: Lebanese beauty nude have been embedded into us since we were children. We take a lot of pride in the way australian look, and we have big egos and love to show off.

Dingoes and nudity? Miss Earth Australia pageant models go topless in controversial campaign

We are a community that supports each girls but also competes with each other, and what better platform than this? What I've realised from styling both Lebanese and Australian pageants is that the Lebanese pageant girls get a lot more support from the community.

It saddens me to see that Australia never knows who their winner is unless she wins Miss Universe, whereas everyone in our community knows who our winner is and supports them. What about the Lebanese Muslim community - aren't the two things completely at odds?

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