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The large gates to her recently purchased Los Feliz house— an 11,square-foot Beaux-Arts mansion once owned by the epic filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille—slowly swing open, revealing rolling lawns, lush trees at the perimeter. A number of doors to sex house are open, as if posing some riddle from a fairy tale—which one to enter?

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Inside, the vibe is airy angelina calm: Finally she emerges from the other side of the house and glides across the room jolie a creamy-white, floor-length caftan. Her hair is down, her feet bare, only a touch of makeup, her skin luminous.

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She smiles widely—a beneficent, ethereal wood nymph. She comes across, rather, as normal-person friendly and practical, even chitchatty. She explains the candid pics of girls with the big empty mansion. She moved into this space just four days ago with her six kids.

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Following her September filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, she and her children spent nine months in a rental, basically living out of suitcases. With that in question, she roams from room to room—the fabulous kitchen, worthy of a Nancy Meyers movie, charming gray library with a library ladder her favorite room in the housethe generous landing at the foot feet a sweeping staircase, anchored by a round table with a bouquet of white flowers.

She finally settles on the living room, which a set-decorator friend furnished on the fly, with two creamy-white sofas and some big throw pillows.