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Elizabeth Allen, who has died aged 77, was not exactly "an unknown talent" when she made Donovan's Reef but, although she had been in two features previously and three after, it was the only film in which she had a chance to show what she could do.

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As Ameilia, the refined daughter of a roughneck doctor, she is more than a match for japan porn sex hd Allen as "Guns" Donovan. Born Elizabeth Ellen Gillease in New Jersey, she had a brief career as a model and singer, before getting the job on TV's The Jackie Gleason Show in actress early s, when she became known as the "away we go" girl, because of the phrase she used when introducing the portly comedian's elizabeth. Then, in lateAllen was given her big break by Peter Ustinov, who cast her as the female juvenile lead in his cold-war satire, Romanoff and Juliet.

The part was taken by the very different Sandra Dee in the film.

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After the year's run on Sex, she appeared in From the Terrace as a hedonistic society girl who tries to persuade her friend Joanne Woodward to stray from hubby Paul Newman, believing that everybody sleeps around as if it were a big game. At the same time, Allen continued her career in television, particularly remembered for the role of a mysterious saleswoman in a store where mannequins come alive in a episode of The Twilight Zone.

She would be nominated again four years later for her role as the American spinster finding romance in Venice in Do I Hear a Waltz?

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She can still be heard on the original cast album. The stage continued to attract her with a leading role in Sherry! Allen ended her career inafter starring, as elegant as ever, in three daytime television soap operas: Elizabeth Allen, who married and divorced Baron Carl von Vittinghoff-Schell, was a philanthropist who donated money for animal rights and environmentalist causes.

She had no children.