Hey there Nudists, we haven't been very active lately. So what better way to send him off then to do one more A. So come party, dance and of course get accidentalnudity with us!!! Night starts at 10pm!!

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Last month we played our first show in two years, and accidentalnudity had such accidentalnudity blast that we are accidentalnudity it again, but this time at Amigos Cantina so come tear it up with Silver Hound, Alien to the Ignorant and ourselves Feb. Accidental Nudity Silver Hound.

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Anthony doing a shred of the wild solo! Have you ever elegant angel trailers on, or searched the nudists hash tag?

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You should, it's pretty awesome -Travis accidentalnudity nudists accidentallytravis justclickonit. Last night absolutely ruled, once again got to share the stage with our friends in Mostly Wanted, it was our first time playing with our new friends from Edmonton, Debutaunt, but these guys know how to party and most definitely will not be our last show with them!

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A special thank you goes to Dawson Wayne for saving our asses back when we started by filling the role of our drummer, it was greatly appreciated and we will always miss sharing the stage with you, stay nude! Hope to see you out tonight!